At PCA & Co. our work for clients is guided by certain fundamental beliefs:

Positioning: A values-based positioning strategy and message platform is essential for companies to effectively market their brands, advocate their position on important issues, or advance a cause that is meaningful to their business mission.

Multi-Channel/Multi-Platform: Reputations grow, and relationships become stronger, when organizations engage with stakeholders and influencers across all media channels, social networks and digital communities and hardware platforms.

Market Insight: The most successful brands are deeply plugged into their communities, listening to the dialogue and fine-tuning their storylines by audience segment to ensure continued relevancy and differentiation in changing market conditions.

Creative: Breaking through the clutter requires creativity and resourcefulness. The best ideas move people to react emotionally, and respond rationally, in a constantly changing market environment.

Tactical: Big ideas must be relevant to business goals, and every tactic must engage the audience and deliver the message with impact. Clever stunts and the latest social marketing tools will not deliver business results – or a return on investment – unless they are part of a carefully vetted strategy.

Measurement: Communications programs must be measured in the metrics of business – sales, investment, market share. Share of mind and brand equity are a means to an end, and clients must define what success looks like in the context of program achievements and business outcomes.