Gary BivingsGary Bivings

Gary Bivings is a senior consultant at PCA & Company. He is an experienced professional in the digital world.  His nearly 20 years in the field ranges from technology design and web-platform development for new ventures to the strategic development of a nation-wide, online public campaigns to shift the the nation’s agenda over energy policy.  He is adept at the technical side of the web and very well-versed in complex, multi-dimensional online marketing and outreach campaigns.

Gary also built a successful consulting practice, beginning as a sole-practitioner and growing it into to a 30+ person digital strategy and development firm in Washington, DC, called The Bivings Group, which was sold at the end of 2011. This firm pioneered many approaches to the web and social media in numerous online initiatives for clients in the political world, private sector, and philanthropic arena.   These initiatives encompassed novel approaches to website design and development, and new technologies to track and manage online conversations in all the various forms of social and conventional media. The company also designed and developed custom software applications, for instance: multi-language intranets, near real-time voice-to-text translation, political contribution tracking, and online employee education.

The Bivings Group’s work garnered many awards. They were a recipient of the Webby Award on various occasions.  The firm’s clients included candidates for state and national office, one of them for president,  the Nasdaq Stock Market, T. Boone Pickens, Pew Charitable Trusts, Edison Electric Institute, Thomson Digital and Monsanto, to name but a few.

Prior to entering the consulting world, Gary worked for the US government and the United Nations in refugee camps and famine relief programs in Africa and Asia; and he started his professional life as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Malaysia. Gary has a B.Sc. in Physics and Math from the University of Arizona and an M.P.A. from the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.