We help clients define their core message, shape it into a corporate narrative and build it into a leadership platform. We understand how to map, connect with and engage stakeholders through traditional news media and through social and digital communities.

To protect reputations, we evaluate potential risks, understand the implications of different scenarios, and prepare to address multiple situations, from product recalls to regulatory investigations to workplace issues and investor unrest. We help our clients respond to any scenario, scaled to match the level of risk and deploying a mix of internal and external assets to control the situation.

To build goodwill, we help clients turn their socially responsible actions into a viable and marketable CSR program that is part of the internal DNA. From sustainability to workplace initiatives to local community support, we show how socially responsible behavior is consistent with an organization’s purpose and core values with internal audiences (employees, shareholders, partners, suppliers) and external stakeholders (consumers, governments, NGOs, investors) to make CSR a leverageable corporate asset.


  • News Media
  • Investors and Analysts
  • Employees
  • Communities
  • Channel Partners

Program Deliverables:

  • Positioning & Message
  • Thought Leadership
  • Crisis Management
    • Contingency Planning
    • Active Response
  • Executive Communications
  • Website Design and Development