We assess the business implications of local, state and federal government actions, and devise communications programs to help influence the process. We understand the dynamics of politics and policy-making, we know the players, and we are dialed into the channels and agents that set the policy agenda.

We shape and deliver a message that is right for the situation, whether it calls for a broad populist appeal to marshal public opinion, or a narrow technical explanation to engender cooperation from a specific agency. We know how to drive your message through all channels to reach decision makers and opinion leaders, from editorial pages to think tank briefings to policy and political blogs.


  • Opinion Media
  • Policy Makers
    • Regulatory
    • Legislative
    • Executive
    • Local, State, Federal
  • NGOs
  • Special Interests
  • Constituents


  • Political strategy
  • Advocacy communications
  • Coalition building
  • Constituent activation